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    I wanted to show my Shasvastii  “The Shrouded” from a monthly forum (just for fun, nothing to win) painting challenge.

    It was a Infantry model, no (named) characters:


    I think the miniature is qute ok, I haven’t really painted and finished a miniature for a long time so I’m a bit rusted and my detail brush died 😉

    I know the paint on the sight markers on the base is a bit thick, but I was running out of time. I painted i´him in the studio colours and I really like how the base came out. Not so sure on the grass. I bought that alien grass originillay for SW Legion but I thought it would be nice here. Now im not so sure, what do you think?

    Should I get rid of it or use the red ( or turquoise( one?

    And here are 2 more minis from paining challenges back when I had a working detail brush and painted more often:




    This month challenge is twins, either tow same models painted differently/with different techniques or true tiwns.

    I will paint these:


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    • This topic was modified 3 months, 4 weeks ago by  iceeagle85.


    lovely work. I like the tuft you have on there already but if I was going to change it I would go for the fire tuft for the contrast, I think the turquoise would be even closer to your basing than the current tuft is and get lost on the base.


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    love your figures paintwork.



    Thanks for the nice words guys.



    The twins challenge is done and I couldn’t finish in time.


    This is what I got:




    So as you see there is still work to do. They are missing eyes, the base needs to be drybrushed the sand on the base needs to be painted either brown to be dirt or grey to be gravel. The Gryffindor tie needs to be finished and of course the hair isn’t done. And then there is some cleaning up and reapir work to be done.

    But I’m totally stumped on how to paint the hair, the base colour right now is Jokaero Orange + Abbadon Black, but I did that so the hair was “painted”.

    This is how it looks on the Knight Models website:


    and this is how their hair looks in the movie:

    So which colours would you sugesst to paint the hair of the Weasleys?


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    @iceeagle85 Very nice work all around. As for the hair the closest thing from a quick think would be something like

    3 Colours Up: Ninja All-Stars Chibi Chunin [Part One]

    the hair is in the last 7min-ish.

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    Wow, this is amazing work, My kid also painted his spider man toy last week at school! I didn’t have his work picture yet but soon I will get it and will upload it here. A couple of weeks ago my kid school reopened and I purchased all his paint, brush, colors and other stationery from Reecoupons by using Back to school coupons. This store has a huge collection of coloring paints!

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    Thanks for the link.

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