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Tactica Hamburg 2023

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    So, some of you may be aware of Tactica in Hamburg. And maybe the fact that the Perry twins are there and make a special convention miniature. This year it’s a nice pair.

    The Perry twins have again announced their participation in TACTICA 2023, and once again they have kindly modelled a special figure for us. This year there are even two characters that are as inseparable as Alan and Michael Perry. They are Don Quixote and his faithful companion Sancho Panza. The story of the “Knight of the Woeful Countenance” was penned by Miguel de Cervantes and published as early as the beginning of the 17th century. Today, everyone probably knows at least his proverbial battle against windmills.
    You can buy the set with the two equestrian figures for 12 euros at the box office.

    Source: LINK


    Tactica will be open at the following times:

    18th and 19th February 2023

    Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg,
    Mengestr. 20, 21107 Hamburg

    • Saturday 18th  10.00 – 19.00
    • Sunday 19th 09.00 – 16.00


    • € 7.- Saturday
    • € 5.- Sunday
    • € 10.- both days

    I’m going to try to catch a ride for Sunday but not making any promises yet. Any of you lot there?


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    Is their anyone going who can pick me up a set of these figures and post to the UK?

    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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