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    So to reign in various unifinished projects and to try and limit getting distracted by new shiney things I’ve done myself a list, big thank you to everyone commented and helped on my struggle to complete things

    So I came up with this list and will post my progress here

    So I’m starting with Spiderfang! I’ve made myself a little 1000pt list to play with and threw in a good few spells for AoS 2.0

    A group shot

    Started with work on the bases

    And then some of the amazing new spells, GW have outdone themselves here

    Sorry for the crappy phone pics, I’ve nearly finished more spells today so hopefully will get a chance to post those later

    I’ve also been playing about with how to paint the spiders and think I’ve got something I like now so all things there are just testers, not going to paint the Riders yet as couldn’t think of a scheme that will fit but I actually quite like just the spiders




    More work on the spells, again these are just an absolute joy to paint..


    I’m using wet blending on the Pendulum to go from that dark green through to white, only the bottom 2 flames are done so far, wanted these spells to all bright colours on them to make it all look more interesting on the Tabletop…




    Looking great so far.   Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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