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"The men that will undo us …"

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    Gustav Adolf is meant to have said at the start of the battle of Lutzen that the Imperial Cuirassiers were “… the men that will undo us …”. Prophetic words from the King who would die when caught in the ‘fog of war’ by these very men.

    I have just finished a unit of Imperial Cuirassiers. To give me a nice mix of figures for the twelve figure unit I have used a mix of manufacturers for men and horses. Warlord, Perry, Horcata, Avanpost, Foundry and Front Rank. I am trying to give the impression of a unit equipped from a variety of sources, but still belonging to the same unit, and following the same orders.

    Here is what I started with.


    I tried out some new brown paint triads and a new method for black armour. Here is the finished unit.


    There are more pictures and details on my blog here:

    Next I am painting … more TYW cuirassiers 🙂

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