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The Orctober/Orktober thread! Waaagh!

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    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the Orktober/Orctober thread!

    This is a non-official community thread. A few of us forum members had a chat about doing this and decided to go ahead with it.

    This is a thread themed around Orks/Orcs from any game or genre. It is nspired by Games Workshop using the term for the month of October for releasing the new Ork Codex and Speed Freeks board game. We are in no way associated with Games Workshop unless you mean putting together models for fun.

    This is open but not limited to Orks, Orcs, Orrucs, Goblins, Grotz, Hobgblins, Uruks, Urk Hai, Half Orcs, Greenskins, Bayourk, Gremlin, Squigs and anything suitably Orcy or associated with Orcs/Orks. It can be terrain, vehicles, or anything your imagination can create. Trolls, Giants and Wolf Riding cavalry are allowed since they have been associated with them in various different games. Taking anything from the same army an Orc is in, however, is kinda of against the spirit of it if it is too different (such as a Ringwraith from a Mordor Orc army from Lord of the Rings – they arent Orky or Orcy enough).

    To get things rolling here is some of my own recent work:

    Ok everyone, hope to see you all soon and of course have fun!


    And of course…





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    Great news. I have Gremlins for Malifaux. Expect pig pictures when I next see daylight!


    Cult of Games Member

    Ok, Orktober pledge will be as follows:

    1. Put together a kitbashed unit of Ork Kommandos.

    2. Put together an Ork squad for Kill team

    Stretch targeting goals (if time permits) will be as follows:

    3. Inspired by @oriskany and his Long Range Desert Group project for the Bolt Action Desert War boot camp I will put together an Ork ‘Long Range Dakka Group’

    4. Some Reaper Bones orcs for random wandering dungeon monsters.

    And if I’m feeling really enthusiastic, turn the below into some sort of (in)coherent fighting force…




    You really upped the ante there, @evilstu . I shan’t have you make me looking like a snivelling goblin, no sir!


    Bulleted points and a listed schedule? How un-ork/orc-ey!


    My name got mentioned in a GW painting video, so there! However, I dont want a bunch of strangers on the internet knowing my real name either, lol.


    My pledge is to do a Deff Dread mob: 2 Deff Dreads, 4 Killer Kans, and a Stompa. Also some Morannon Orks and I will revisit my Space Ork army. Also, Ironjaws. Ill try and do as much as I can.


    I want a start collecting orks set too.


    Is all that stuff new or did you have it lying around?


    Can I get a waagh?


    Cult of Games Member

    Sorry, apparently I can’t boil a kettle without an action plan… Speaking of which, it’s been at least 15 minutes since my last coffee…

    Can’t go unleashing the Waagh until I have a horde to unleash it with 😉 rest assured though, the Waagh is rising… Although that audio grab you posted does make me think I should do up one Ork to look like a viking berserker 🙂

    I had the build & Paint kits on hand already, the smaller adds were inspired by Kill Team, but the Orktober idea inspired me to pick up more (hence the ‘Start Collecting’ Set) so I could put together a horde big enough to translate into an appropriate force for a Kill Team version of the 3rd War for Armageddon.

    Stompy looking mek horde you have planned. Really keen to see how it looks once you have it prepped. Keep up posted on progress 🙂

    Waaagh! (Sorry, that just slipped out…)



    Well, checking if there is water in your kettle before boiling it just makes sense. Only 15? Lol. Actually I kinda want one now.


    A Viking Berserker Ork would be cool.


    Amassing the horde I see.


    The yellow dude above is a test model. While the Deathskullz tribe are my favourite, the idea of painting lodas of walkers blue isn’t exciting.





    Unleashing the Waaagh! ? Well you would need a giant drum to unleash it even more i would say!


    So my pledge is working on that project a lot more of cause!

    And since i fetched my Warchanter today i got another idea of how i could hold that drum up …. enter the easy to build Ironskull’s Boyz into the mix. Three of them would look great as carriers for the drum:


    For one of them i had to rearange his hand and weapon a bit and i still need to repair some damage there, but that is a little teaser of how it could look once i’m finished.


    well that is just a small project comapred to what you all have waiting for you … so it seems the drum is only able to unleash a small waaagh 😉


    Cult of Games Member

    Thanks for the mention, @evilstu !

    “Sorry, apparently I can’t boil a kettle without an action plan… ”

    Remember the five-paragraph operations order theyused to teach us … “S.M.E.A.C.”

    Situation – It’s Orktober.  Time for Orks.

    Mission – I need to paint some orks or the other orks will make fun of my orkless-level of orkiness.

    Execution – Build / Kitbash / Paint Ork Kommandos, Ork Kill Team, Ork Long Range Rekon Group.  Post results on site for other Orks to review.

    Admin/Logistics – Set aside money to buy minis.  Collect paints.  Set up Hobby Area.  Collect Trash for kitbashing.  Do chores around the house early so I have more Ork-Time.

    Command / Control – Keep working until wife / girlfriend tells me to stop.



    S – Smash ’em

    M – More dakka!

    E – Ere we go lads!

    A – (W)AAAAAGH!

    C – Crump ’em!




    Its time to unleash the Boyz! My pledge for this project will start with the Dungeon Saga orcs and gobbo’s.


    It’ll be primarily Army Painter method for them. Once I get through that lot, I’ll start on this mob:


    If get through these guys, or need to change it up, I’ve got some 40k Orks and Grots on hand as well! I am kinda keen to put together a Kill Team even though I don’t play the game right now…


    @mage Deffskullz are da bestest orkz! Looking forward to see what you’ll do with them.

    @evilstu that looks like it’ll be a proper Waagh! Gork shall be pleased!

    @querion that drum is awesome! I saw the progress in the WAYPN thread, you’re some kinda orky brain-boy!




    I’m going to give this go . No idea which of the 3 options I’m going to build  , Blitza – Bommer , Burna – Boomer or Dakkajet but it should be a nice change from Panzer grey and US OD greensIMG_20180920_065407350


    @woldenspoons I look forward to seeing some piggy piggies. Lenny’s little porker is just cute but god awfully funny to read the ability with his beating stick. Would you be putting up a Pigapult or ‘rooster riders’ by chance?

    @querion good stuff for your project

    @oriskany “Shmeck? Iz dis sum sort uf Stormboyz lerninz?” lol

    @limburger LOL! Those songs made my post gaming night. It reminds me of the chant for my Bloodbowl team The Deep Drek Chukkaz “Maim, Murda, Mutilate! Tha’s wut makes our team so great. Goooooo Chukkaz!!!



    @horati0nosebl0wer sadly although I’d love those items Malifaux is low on my gaming purchase agenda. I basically have my pig starter and the old gremlyn with a pipe.

    I’ll work on them in Orktober.


    Cult of Games Member

    Some ladz I made for Kill Team.

    View post on

    View post on

    Stabby McStabby

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