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Thud and Blunder fantasy rules question.

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    Does anyone know if they have Firearms in these rules. I am saving up to make a warband on Heroforge and I am looking for some fantasy rules with firearms. thank you





    regards, Paras









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    No firearms unfortunately. Only your typical fantasy weapons – bows, x-bows, slings, and the like.


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    No rules for Thud and Blunder itself but

    A. There are rules for various flavours of crossbow in TB that might work and

    B. There is a file on their Facebook page for In Her Majesty’s Name for games in the 17th century which include rules and points for gunpowder weapons from that era which should work in Thud and Blunder.



    Well, if you’re willing to look beyond T&B, there are quite few fantasy games with guns,  here are few of them plus other places to look:

    For bigger battles Sludge seems to be good, its Napoleonics with knights and magic in a grim dark setting.

    Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia the RPG is a “Fantasy with Boltaction rifles” setting that seems to be mini heavy and it should be coming out this year. The company doing that,  Safehaven Games also has a free miniature wargaming  rule set called Omniverse that should allow for that sort aesthetic.

    Supposedly  Frostgrave has  an official add on rule for black powder weapons and I know if you look around you can find some fan mod rules for it. Same deal with Dragon Rampant.

    I am pretty sure 2hour wargames has some fantasy with black powder rules on their site, its been a while since I last looked though.

    You could also try looking around Wargamer Vault, they have thousands of rule sets, there should be more than a few with guns and magic that cover what you want.



    thanks for the replies. I checked out wargamer vault and bought get some fantasy skirmish rules for $2.00 I think, they have firearms in it. I will give it a try. I have Flintloque and Mordhiem in storage some where got to find those.I checked Saga Age of Magic seems to have have firearms as well so I will check it out.


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    Might be worth trying

    as well

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