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Tips for Anyone Getting the Pelennor Fields Box

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    Being a decade and a half fan of the Lord of the Rings Stratergy Battle Game I bought the new Starter set.

    As I was building a few lists I saw a few unbuilt sprues on the table in front of me and had an idea.

    The Sprues were these, Games Workshop’s Morgul Knights


    So I had an idea. I cut the heads off the Torso’s and damaged the Horse, cutting off the spines and slashing the armour.

    I then went into my bits box and found some heads and shields (From Warlord Games Plastic Ancient Barbarians) which I also cut up and damaged. I made some Riders of the Dead who with a Defence 6 Horse and Blades of the Dead are very terrifying (literally) on the tabletop.

    Something else you can do with this box is give the Spare Ringwraith from the Fell Beast a Horse. I would recommend building the Witch King on the Fell Beast and the regular Ringwraith on a Horse (I already had a Witch King on Fell Beast so I did the opposite).

    So basically if you split the box set with a friend I would reccomend the Evil Player gets one box of Morgul Knights (5 Knights plus a horse for the Ringwraith) and the Good player does the same except they buy 2 boxes (12 Riders of the Dead).

    This gives both sides some very hard hitting and survivable Cavalry plus gives you more options when taking a Ringwraith rather than being locked into a Fell Beast.

    This easily takes both sides to 800 Points (assuming you convert a few Orc Captains and pick up a King of the Dead).




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    Great idea. I’d already got a box on order for the Witch King but making the rest into Riders of the Dead is genius!

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