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Unboxing Hellboy: The Board Game Kickstarter Edition

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    Some days ago I got my Kickstarter package for Hellboy: The Board Game and I thought to share it with you, some of you might be interested as they might still be waiting for theirs or thinking about buying the KS Edition on the Mantic shop.

    So lets go:



    Gamebox, it’s a big one and the lid doesn’t completely close:


    box opened:




    First “layer” removed:


    Second “layer” removed:


    Pictures of the individual “layers”. After the second there were 3 smaller ones:


    Pictures of the minis, yes I know these pictures aren’t the best, I have to redo them on the weekend with actual daylight:


    And now a picture of all my Hellboys inlduing the resin limited Santa one:


    So I haven’t really opened more of the game or read the rulebook yet but I’m quite happy with the amount of stuff I got and the minis also look nice. Sure they have moldlines and bend weapons and even bend bases but all of that can be fixed and seems to be normal for these kind of boardgame minis.

    More pictures of minis + size comparison to other minis (wargame and boardgame minis) will follow.

    Does anyone of you want a picture of a specific mini?

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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by  iceeagle85.


    Very nice indeed, I chose to skip this one as I had to many kickstarters on the go. Potentially a pickup at Salute if they have any collector editions there.



    More stuff, though still no daylight pictures:

    more pictures of minis:

    the 4 core box hereos again:

    And now size comparisons:

    Wargaming minis:

    left to right:

    FFG – Star Wars Legion – Darth Vader, Mantic – Hellboy – Kate Corrigan; Games Workshop – W40K – Primaris Intercessor, Corvus Belli – Infinity – Morat Vanguard Infantry, Modiphius – Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Brotherhood of Steel Knight, Mantic – Hellboy – Hellboy, GW – AoS – Blood Warrior, Mantic – Hellboy – Iron Maiden Hecate, Corvus Belli – Infinity – Yan Huo Invincibles

    Board game minis:

    Monolith – Claustrophobia 1643 – The Scourge, CMON – Zombicide Black Plague – Hitch, Mantic – Hellboy – Kate Corrigan, Monolith – Claustrophobia 1643 – Troglodyt, Mantic – Hellboy – Hellboy, CMON – Zombicide Black Plague – Evil Troy, Mantic – Hellboy – Iron Maiden Hecate, CMON – Zombicide Black Plague – Zombie, Monolith – Claustrophobia 1643 – Redeemer, CMON – Zombicide Black Plague -Brute

    here Liz is between the Zombie and the Redeemer:

    Thats it for today, though I just noticed there is no “department” for the playing tiles in the box so you just have to put them into the box.

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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by  iceeagle85.
    • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by  iceeagle85.


    And some more pictures:


    game tiles:

    Clue Markers on a tile:

    Miniatures on a tile:


    The tiles are alright but if you look at the pictures at the Kickstarter Site, they don’t look as good as those:

    yes I know it says “Design not final” but there is no cemetery tile, which in my opinion would have been a good fit for this game and the grey tile with light shining through windows looks much better in the picture, there are more details like the stairs and the hole in the ground and the outtline of the windows is more detailed, when I first saw this tile I didn’t even recognize it as light shining through windows.
    And while no 2 tiles look the smae I have to say some to look very same-ish, so while the tiles aren’t bad I think they could have done better.

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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by  iceeagle85.


    Did you paint some stuff?

    Here is some of mine:

    Giant Frog Monster front

    Giant Frog Monster back

    Some tests with gloss varnish. The right one has none.

    Test frogs

    Test moist 3

    None gloss wich I droped. Terrain from Hero Quest.

    Test - Frog Monsters scenery

    Frog marker



    Nice, I myself haven’t started painting yet I don’t have much time right abou now.
    I still haven’t cleaned all my CLaustrophobia 1643 miniatures but I started to paint the Troglodythes from that game though I’m not really sure about the colour scheme and 2 days ago my Awful Orphanage Kickstarter with more minis to paint arrived.

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