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[unofficial weekender] Nope, it's 2020 v2.0

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    ### Start of shameless copy & paste ###

    Read all of this before you start as it will save any trouble later.

    First thing you must do is make your “pledge”. It can be anything gaming related, big or small, and you don’t even have to finish it. No, in here, happiness is the road. Have fun doing whatever it is, but it is not a race. Accompany your work with pictures or we might think you are do something sinister and just using us for cover.

    You are also presented with a few questions. It is to get the conversation started. Try and keep your answers ‘conversational’, no text speak, and certainly no “basically”. This is how we all get to know each other better. While you are here feel free to tell us a story, show a picture, joke, tales of love or woe, or just add your own little bit. This is the whole point…in here it is just us.

    If you have never taken part before we may bark and bite, but we also like a cuddle! It is all done in the best possible taste and it is character building. feel free to give as good as you get.

    A few other things to note: NO RELIGION & NO POLITICS! Glasgow pub rules are in effect. If you need to make a better point then it is fine, but don’t take the piss. And always keep it civil.

    Play plenty of music to go with your work. Loud and through proper speakers. Write us a playlist of things we might not have heard before.

    Now, after all of that there is only one ‘real’ rule in here and it cannot be broken: NO DICKS! (Exceptions may be made for little fighting men with little plastic/resin/metal wieners)

    And don’t forget the highlights of the weekend: The Weekender on Friday and XLBS on Sunday. And the little show that is the unofficial Hobby Hangout over at

    ### End of shameless copy & paste ###

    Questions of the week:

    • If you would have to choose one manufacturer of minis for the rest of your life: who would it be? (For the sake of argument it will be guaranteed that the manufacturer will stay on the market as long as you live/play/paint)
    • Forums: dead, useless or are people just way to impatient to wait for answers and prefer the quick “instant” responses of Facepage, Instagerm and discord?
    • Did you have cake this year and why not?



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    Answers first:

    • I don’t know if I could choose one… it would be someone with a broad catalogue… Heresy Miniatures or someone like him
    • Impatiens. People do tend to rather react then reflect. And I’m guilty of that too… but I try to keep 4 forums alive. This one here, the one of our local gaming group, the one of Asmodee Germany and another miniature related German forum.
    • Yes I had! It was good.


    I need help on this one. As my pledge for the year is not to start new project before old ones are finished I’m undecided on what to tackle next. Options are:

    That’s way to many open projects! DANG IT! I need music now




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    2020 v2 is right. A mere 15 days into the year and it’s a train wreck.

    Pledge first as it’s an obvious one, I have three days left in my forced isolation and I’ll be doing my best to get my Reikland Reavers as close to finished as possible. Getting stuck in early today as I’m playing some Vermintide 2 tonight with a mate.


    1. Going to be obvious about it and go with GW. While I also play games from several other companies, there’s no comparison to the sheer amount of GW stuff I buy. 40k, Kill Team, Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Underworlds are my current crop and should Battlefleet Gothic ever make a return it would go straight on the list.

    2. I don’t think forums are dead but they’re definitely not the bastion of discussion they used to be. A lot of people have definitely migrated to social media or just grab their info from videos. OTT is compact enough to feel like a proper community with a target audience that have more patience than most and love to talk about their hobby at length.

    3. No cake so far as we’re stuck in isolation. A friend did drop over some McFlurries though.


    The Gorkamorka stuff, that is one game I’m sorry I never got into properly. I actually had quite a bit of the range back in the day but never bought the core box or played. I also have a huge poster of the cover art on the box. So good.

    A track from one of my all-time favourite bands. I have this album on yellow vinyl from a pressing of only 70 copies.


    Pledge: Work on some horses

    Ouch… a definite painful choice for mini manufaturer for the rest of my life. I’d like to say Reaper but I’ll put in my lot with Raging Heroes. Its a really tough choice but I know they create physical models and offer 3D material for printing that are all high end. The aesthetics are pleasant with the amount of detail and the mix and match of different motifs.

    Forums are for the patient and those not always plugged in. I’d generally say dead to most then.

    Cake this year? Nope, but I think I could get some. I don’t see a reason why not.

    @sundancer Finish your terrain. It’ll be more forgiving in the details

    Since last week, and fulfilling my pledge for project work, I have painted footsoldiers


    Aaand because its funny with the theme


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    Hello all

    Hopefully my little Orcs will arrive this weekend so maybe get a start on them


    1. Pendraken.  Just love their ranges and stock everything I could ever need

    2. I use Facebook a lot for wargaming pages and all are very useful for keeping in touch with whats new and for ideas. I dont think I ever seen any bad arguments on them

    3. Eating Ginger cake as I type this



    Just a quick post before my lecture starts! I’m carrying on with Cypher…slowly… I do have the cloak lining done, but the project log for that will have to wait for a day or two. It is very red, though. Now some questions!

    If you would have to choose one manufacturer of minis for the rest of your life: who would it be? (For the sake of argument it will be guaranteed that the manufacturer will stay on the market as long as you live/play/paint)

    No idea, really. I have a lot of GW, but I also have a few problems with their business model. I like Warlord’s stuff, too, but also the Perry stuff. Difficult question…

    Forums: dead, useless or are people just way to impatient to wait for answers and prefer the quick “instant” responses of Facepage, Instagerm and discord?

    Impatient mixed with, currently, people wanting the conversation more than the pop in and see what people have been up to. Being able to type something and get an instant response is nice.

    Did you have cake this year and why not?

    Don’t think so. I don’t really eat much cake. Not by choice, really, just never seem to have any around…

    Anyway, off to lecture! TTFN, chaps! Oh, and @sundancer, I’d recommend a small project to start the year. Build up to the big stuff. Maybe a single mini done really carefully.


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    After two weeks of pain, I’m pleasingly coming into the weekend drugged up and ready for some hobby time! Pledge is to paint some Burrows and Badgers minis. I find them very relaxing minis to paint so should be a nice way to ease back into it.


    1. This is hard but I think Mantic. The newer sculpts they’ve been coming out with are lovely and they cover all the genres except historics.

    2. Sadly they seem to be dying. Discord is fine but I hate that I never feel like I’m part of a conversation or can follow on a thread if I’m not online all the time. Esp on larger servers, if you leave for a few hours you have to read through hundreds of messages. I miss the more considered conversation on forums but it seems most have abandoned them or, like OTT, switched to Discord and killed their own community. These things happen but I definitely feel sad for their loss.

    3. Yep, made some chocolate cake for the weekend and had carrot cake last weekend. It’s not a healthy new habit but it is damn tasty!

    Not got any music tonight, been on an audiobook kick recently because it was good for when I’ve been largely bedridden for a fortnight. Saving this month’s audible credit for the results of the book club pick *fingers crossed it’s The Winter king*

    What orcs are you waiting on @torros ?

    @sundancer I vote for a single model too. Maybe one of the Legion ones as a nice way to start the year


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    @ninjilly Just the ones they released this weekFAN-NRC1




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    This week’s pledge is to paint the Admech flier (no idea what silly name it has) for my local gaming groups lockdown painting competition. I’m also going to start playing the first expansion for tainted grail. Just spent three hours sleeving up all the cards.


    1. If you would have to choose one manufacturer of minis for the rest of your life: who would it be? (For the sake of argument it will be guaranteed that the manufacturer will stay on the market as long as you live/play/paint) – Very tricky. These days I collect a variety of games/ranges so its hard to pick. Then again I’m quite into my 3D printing now so it probably wouldn’t matter.
    2. Forums: dead, useless or are people just way to impatient to wait for answers and prefer the quick “instant” responses of Facepage, Instagerm and discord? – I never was much of a forum user. There have been a few I lurked on over the years. Even here I’ve been a member since 2013 but only started posting a year ago.
    3. Did you have cake this year and why not? – I always have cake. I usually buy myself a big one whenever the kids are away at their Grandmas on holiday for the week.

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    so … first actual work week of the year done and dusted.
    Time to see if I can do some hobby this weekend.
    Got an email that the Scale75 Instant colors kickstarter is shipping ‘soon’ (tracking appears to not have activated yet).
    We’ll see how that goes. I doubt it will arrive this month, but we’ll see.

    (1) If you would have to choose one manufacturer of minis for the rest of your life: who would it be? (For the sake of argument it will be guaranteed that the manufacturer will stay on the market as long as you live/play/paint)

    I don’t know any who would have the range of stuff I like.
    They’d have to do every fictional and historical setting them I can think of (and a few I haven’t thought of)

    GW do good quality plastic kits, but they sort of lack imagination and are stuck in their own little nich.

    (2) Forums: dead, useless or are people just way to impatient to wait for answers and prefer the quick “instant” responses of Facepage, Instagerm and discord?

    Here we go again with the same discussion that’s been popping up since social media launched …
    All these things have their time and place.
    I think that as a result of the Event  (stay indors!) a lot of people are on-line at the same time, so things like Discord are a bit more useful. When normal routines resume the forums will return to normal(ish) updates.
    Also don’t forget that because of the project system we don’t have to start a new thread in the forum. I think that may have a bigger impact in the future than chat.

    (3) Did you have cake this year and why not?
    The cake is a lie … that’s all I can say 😀

    pledge wise … I’ve only got 4 guns and a bunch of infantry left to assemble. Should be easy if I can stop getting distracted by videogames. I’ve also got the rest of my soviet army to build though.

    And only a dozen projects in various states from ‘just an idea’ and ‘already started’ ?
    My plans for WW2 + 40k alone would include that many army ideas … and I haven’t mentioned Starwars Legion, AoS or WarCry or any of the kickstarters in my mountain of opportunity.

    I also haven’t even attempted to make a list of the projects/ideas that I have in my head … not sure if I should though, because then it becomes more like something I should do.  I have told myself that I really should finish at least one army this year.

    Music …

    Sometimes good things happen on social media :

    We need more sillyness :


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    Pledge for this week – I decided to start 2021 by painting up some more Napoleonic Highlanders. The first batch should get finished this weekend, and then I’ll get started on the next.


    1. That’s a very good/difficult question. I might be tempted to say AB Miniatures, as that would give me a great range of Napoleonics at my favoured scale, but aside from some WW2, there would be little else. Perry’s would cover a lot of historic periods, but missing ancients and dark ages. Maybe Victrix, but I’d miss metal miniatures. I’d probably choose someone like Khurasan or Pendraken for the widest ranges.

    2. I think @limburger has articulated my feelings on this one pretty well. I like the slower and more thoughtful side of forums, but it is easy to see how the current environment is making more immediate channels like discord more popular.

    3. 2021 has so far been devoid of cake. I hadn’t realised until you asked, so a good excuse to remedy that situation this weekend!

    @sundancer I would pick either the project that appeals the most (more likely to keep working on it), or one that is quick to finish (good feeling to tick one off your list, and will ease you into the year).


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    Those orcs look good @torros – I keep meaning to get into painting smaller scale fantasy minis… maybe a mid-year spending gift to myself to look forward to 😉

    @limburger that’s true, I forgot the impact that the projects system had on the forums. Discord is great and I’m sure that it helped a lot of people through 2020.

    Having a strange sleep schedule at the moment, I was awake at 4am so bashed through 4 Burrows and Badgers minis before going back to bed for a nap. Realised now that I’ve run out of glue to fix more to bases so this afternoon will be figuring out what I’ve got around the house… a 10 minute trip out to pick up more superglue would be the easy option but let it never be said the Scots take the easy option!

    Still no music accompanying my hobby but I have caught up on B is for Build’s off-road Lambourghini build. Dumb? Yes, absolutely. Fun? Ditto


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    nothing build for fun is ever stupid.
    I love watching people like Adam Savage, Colin Furze and Simone Giertz build all sorts of stupid and ‘useless’ things.

    It doesn’t get any more stupid than this :


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    Finally finished the basecoats today. Thought I’d be done a lot earlier but, as ever, I’m a lot slower than I think I am. Still, tomorrow I can move onto shading and then some highlighting. I was having a think about basing today as well. I want to use static grass but it’ll be my first time using it and I’m not sure how much it likes paint. I love the idea of pitch markings but don’t want to start down a route that’ll drive me crazy.


    Listening to ‘Let’s Plays’ and hobby VLOGs for most of the day but I did take the time to blast the new album from Dread Sovereign. Can’t wait until live gigging id back and I can see these guys again.


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    @limburger Colin Furze of my favourite channels, for his bunker videos if nothing else.

    @irredeemable looking good, speed matters less than consistent (or so I tell myself, also being a slow painter)

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