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    @crazyredcoat it’s possible that the band or the label behind them don’t allow video embedding so it’s only watchable on YT…

    @horati0nosebl0wer first contact? Do I need to make a mushed potato plateau now? And play keyboard?

    It’s Sunday, didn’t yet watch the XLBS and I primed a YT-1300 yesterday… lets wait if that moves forward any thing…



    @sundancer Could be anything at this point, mate. 😛 I’ll find a different one and see if that works. 😛

    @ninjilly Thanks, mate! I have yet to find a mini that doesn’t have that one piece that needs paint before it look even close to being done. On regular Primaris Marines I find it to be the Aquilla on the chestplate, or with my Daughters of Khaine it tends to be the hair.


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    Nothing too dramatic today but the whole team got an Aggrax wash. Tomorrow evening I’ll brighten up the armour and clothing and then I can finally move onto more interesting detail work and highlighting. I also did some of the base colours on the coins to change up the pace.



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    Babysteps! Still progress.


    Brain mush potatoes? Yes, I can say that getting back into my day schedule with a boss that is a pain at the office is trying. Space music might work for us all to calm nerves. Hardcore painting to counter hard times is the answer!

    The colors

    For transgalactic mental transportation since the new visual interpretation forthcoming … and because @blinky465 finds most electronic music jangly … something a little more his speed


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    It’s Tuesday… I think.

    I got coffee. I am sleepy and I did build and paint most of my YT-1300 my wife has gifted me for Christmas. Sadly it’s not in scale for SW:L. It’s more like X-Wing scale so 10mm’ish? Pictures when it’s done and dusted.


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    Finished the flyer. Project entry here: Its nice to do a big model every now and then.




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    Pledge continue painting my ECW project, I got quite close to finishing and then mysteriously another parcel of figures arrived.

    Questions of the week:

    With 2021 being three weeks old: 21 54mm ECW infantry.
    Do you drink enough liquids?  Oh yes, I was a lucky sod and for Christmas and my birthday received a few bottles of whiskey.  I drink tea as well of course, mostly at work.
    Will 2020 ever end?  It has ended.  I stopped watching the TV news last year and have found that my wellbeing has improved greatly.


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    yay … my Scale75 instant paints have arrived 😀

    oh wait … this means I now have to paint stuff.

    First impressions :

    • SSS-002 WAR TANKS STARTER SET : two 1:100 scale resin tankmodels (a tiger and sherman) and the paints
      To describe the booklet as a ‘painting guide’ is overstating it’s use. The pictures are too small to be used as a guide and the text (in multiple languages) is very short.
    • SSS-001 THE SMOG RIDERS STARTER SET  : one chibi resin model (tiny body giant, head) and all the paints + ‘painting guide’.  Again no primer and slightly better instructions as to how to use the paints provided. The images are too small to make them useful though.
      paints … that’s all needs saying. The names are also pretty self descriptive (‘black metal’ … says it all doesn’t it ?)
      the blurb claims that there are ‘instructions’ but the tiny print and the single example doesn’t really work as a guide.
    • The Instant paint booklet included in the big ‘Mimic’ chest
      It is useful as a summary for the paints and it has examples on how to use them.
      However that is all that can be said about it though.
      You’re not going to learn much from it …
    • The Mimic chest + paints … damn it looks cool and it stores all paints and the primers.
      It feels a bit cheaper when you actually open it and smell the cheap-ish wood, but it’s not like it was supposed to be high-end furniture, was it ? It stores paints …

    If you expect any entry level tutorials  in any of this … keep looking. The English translations I’ve seen so far feel a bit weird. The texts themselves are more like adverts and less like instructions to be honest.

    I hope the Minipedia is a lot better at showing the techniques.
    GW’s paint sets for beginners are quite a bit better, but then … that’s probably because they know they’re talking to absolute newbies whereas Scale75 is probably more aimed at experienced artists.

    I shall see if I can put the paint to good use in the future, because I didn’t buy it just for show as the range has more interesting and constistent colours than GW’s contrast … (the chest does look cool though).


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    Now do a youtube review with the paints! 😉


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    lol … nope. I will post pictures when I get something painted.
    Not making any promises though.  And because I’ve got practically zero experience with GW and Army painter I can’t do a comparison that makes any kind of sense.

    Additional first impressions :


    Let me say that the included booklets are actually useful as they step by step (with drying times indicated!) how to use the products in the box. The only negative is that in the Summer-booklet some of the text is unreadable as they picked a light ‘sandy’ colour on a light background.  Seriously … WTF ? A company that sells paint/artist supplies ought to know that sort of stuff.
    On a lighter note … mid-way in the process they mention ‘doing this may be bad for your brush’ (or words to that effect).
    I think I could have used that warning a little earlier . Like at the start, but then I do have a couple of cheap brushes I was planning to use for this sort of stuff anyway.

    Anyways … I’m sure that there are cheaper ways of getting the various texture paints, pigments and acrylics. And I kind of doubt you need their ‘artist acrylics’ for your terrain.
    Didn’t Gerry mention cheap pigments ? I bet he did.

    OTOH … these are nice and convenient sets of materials that fit the theme. You probably will run out of the supplied static grass and rocks before the paints and pigments, but that is a problem with any box of goodies like these.


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    Didn’t Gerry mention cheap pigments ? I bet he did.

    Yes. Acrylic crayons (artists pastels)  and grind them 😉

    Pigments: The Basics


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