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    Thanks for the kind words guys – I just had the best conversation with her: she phoned but had to be super-whispery quiet (presumably so as not to disturb the others on the ward she’s in). So I couldn’t fully understand every word. But coupled with her being absolutely off her t*ts on morphine, it was hilarious.

    You know when you hear something bizarre and think “it can’t possibly be that, I must have misheard”? – she would then clarify and talk utter garbage. She was in some discomfort coming out of theatre, but is now chattering and giggling away and says she’s very comfortable (thanks to a two-hourly drip feed of opium based narcotic, I guess!)

    It reassuring to know she’s ok. I’ll get her tomorrow and we’ll see how things go once she’s on “regular” painkillers and they’ve weaned her off the giggling juice…..



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    @blinky465 glad to hear your wife is recovering well.


    I had hoped gold leaf would be quicker than painting and also something strikingly different. So far it is very fiddley. Whether that is because of my inexperience or it isn’t well suited to models is still hard to say. The results are definitely striking though.


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Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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