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Very Sad News from Kromlech

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    It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that Artur Sęk, founder of Kromlech, beloved husband and father, passed away. He was a person known not only in our studio, but even before the creation of Kromlech, among the hobby stores, conventions and Polish Warhammer fans. Our thoughts go to Artur’s family and loved ones. We will all miss him dearly.
    Artur built everything in Kromlech from ground up, which for almost a decade kept growing and evolving to his joy. Miniatures he personally sculpted, casted and sent appeared all around the world – Juggernauts in Mecha-Armour, Sparkk Energy Cannon, Blitzkrieg 222 Assault vehicles are some among the unique pieces he created, named and brought to you.
    For other Kromlech’s creations like Orc Tigerwagon, know that at one moment he gave both thumbs up, with a big smile of approval on his face.
    He would sing around the workplace or make simple jokes & pranks on some of us – giving us a laugh, asking about our days and moving on to meet others. He never ceased to be a warm person, finding fun and happiness in the world around him, which made him so many great friends.
    He was always proud of his family – the one he had in his home, the second in his workplace and the third one of the same importance to him – fans that had shown joy at stores, message boards and social media over what he had done. Moreover, if there was a piece of Warhammer lore, he would know it. His bookshelves are still heavy with the very first Warhammer publications. He believed in his heart in everything good in this hobby.
    When you see something which originated from Kromlech, whether it’s on a gaming board, hobby desk or collection cabinet – remember that he was the one who brought it to life.
    Artur will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. The Kromlech will continue its journey to the future he planned for us, continuing Artur’s ideas, driven by the same energy he so graciously gave us.
    You can offer your respectful condolences and thoughts on his legacy below.


    [posted on facebook today, link in case you want to comment there directly]



    Aw man… I absolutely love Kromlech and all of their products, so this comes as a really heavy blow… My prayers will be with Artur’s family and friends during this painful time.


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    2022 couldn’t help itself…. not a week old and already a bastard…. I feel for the family 🙁


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    Very sad news indeed. My condolences to his family and co-workers.

    I remember Artur from the Kromlech’s early days, I ordered tons of cool Orky bits from him.


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    Ahh, man, that’s sad news indeed. I love their stuff. Here’s hoping the outpouring of support from fans will be of comfort to his family, friends and coworkers.


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    🙁 RIP mate thanks for all the amazing bits


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    Ah, sad news. Kromlech is an amazing company producing top quality stuff. He will be a loss to the gaming industry.

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