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What to use to get the grease off TTCombat / Troll Trader resins?

Home Forums Painting in Tabletop Gaming What to use to get the grease off TTCombat / Troll Trader resins?

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    I regularly wash  new minis in warm soapy water and scrub them down with a nailbrush to get the mould release off.

    However, on some resin miniatures this is not enough and the minis are still quite greasy even after this. Examples are TTCombat / troll trader resin off their kickstarters, a few Mantic resins and all of the Shadows of Brimstone Resins. Some are greasy to the extent that the primer either is pushed away from certain spots on the model, or the primer covers, but blisters and flakes off after a while.

    So the question is:

    What to use to de-grease the resin minis that does not damage the resin? Does anyone have any experience with  this?



    It might be a matter of the primer that you’re using as well. I’ve seen a few things here and there from the Reaper minis forums that the Bones line had issue with not taking spray primer. I’ve seen that rubbing alcohol has been promoted to “dry out” the mini of the material. Personally I’ve done the same with soap/water cleaning and then follow up with airbrush priming. I think it comes down to the propellant used in rattle cans that the material just doesn’t like. It makes a little sense with nylon and other polymers that don’t have a porous surface for primers to take hold.


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    Yep, same, warm soapy water and a good old scrub with a toothbrush. Never had problems with the primer flaking off but if I’m at all in doubt I use Vallejo brush on primer instead (I did this with my Reaper Bones big purple worm).


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    I don’t quite recall what it was, but I had some mini’s that didn’t take paint after washing and primer.
    My go to in such situations is isopropanol. No miniature gamer should be without. Cleans as nobodies business and is save on any plastic and resin I’ve come across.


    What do you define as soapy water? a bit of hand soap probably won’t be good enough. I use diluted Fairy liquid (Brand dish washing detergent) in a spray bottle, because it’s formulated to break down grease. Spray all over, toothbrush or big paintbrush to get right into all the deep recesses. Rinse. If it’s resin, I’ll repeat that.

    The last resins I had problems with, I just hadn’t washed them thoroughly enough. It was the recesses where the flaking was going on.



    Hi, I also use diluted Fairy liquid and it cleans really well


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    I just fill a bowl with warm warmer and a small squirt of washing up liquid. Seems to do the job well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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