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Where do you get your supplies from?

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    Does anyone in the UK have a suppler for blue or pink foam that doesn’t cost the earth?  because most places i cant get small enough pieces.



    @terrenone Try your local builders merchants and see if they have any offcuts of rigid insulation foam, its very similar to blue and pink styrofoam in so much that its extruded polystyrene.  Its often free to take/put a few quid in the charity jar, sizes are obviously whats in the bin and can vary from half sheets to little chunks.  I wont lie i have often had to cobble what i want out of whats available and is not as nice to work with as purpose bought foam, but the little pain of inconvenience is made up for in the savings you make on the material, so if you want the cheapest source give that a go, also buying whole sheets isnt that bank breaking as you avoid the hobby tax 😉



    I found this site a few weeks ago whilst looking for blue foam – depending on the thickness you want, from £51 for enough foam to build two 6×4 boards (nearly – lose a bit in the conversion to mm). Certainly seems the cheapest I’ve found online so far, but don’t know if that’s too big for what you’re looking for

    Craftfoam Blue


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    Thanks guys i’ll give them a look 🙂


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    In the states we have charity salvage shops, I have no idea if you guys do or not, and they get a lot of overstock and extra building supplies.  Many times if you tell them you are interested and they get a sheet that is damaged you can pick it up on the super cheap.  Sometimes it is even tax free!  and you know how us ‘Mericans feel about your taxes.  🙂



    You can not get the pink foam in the UK anymore, it does not comply with some EU rule or something. Im gutted I used loads of it. The Blue foam is the proper modelling stuff and its expensive. Sorry that don’t help much



    Bit of a side note, My best “find”, make friends down at your local Morrisons with the staff.

    Morrisons have these fantastic MDF boxes they use for shipping cherries of all things (not exactly environmentally friendly), but these things are PERFECT for either making terrain or storing it (which is the use I put it too). They also interlock and stack.

    Not sure if there’s any other MDF being used by supermarkets (I was put onto this one by someone on the Gates Of Antaries FB page, now we’re all “lurking” around a Morrisons :D). Perhaps everyone here at BoW can inspect their local supermarkets fruit and vegetable sections to hunt out these hidden gems. I could hardly believe that they would use MDF for shipping fresh produce.

    They usually just chuck them into the skip, so they’ll either keep em, or let you go skip diving (and laugh at your apparent madness). Best thing ever for storing you newly built terrain pieces……







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    Awesome i’ll have to look into it, i did find these in a local garden centre it called love Tillys not too bad for quick access of cork.


    £2-£3 per bag

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    Look at this on eBay

    Craft Foam blocks Modelling Sculpting Craft Styrofoam NEW – FREE UK DELIVERY!!

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