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Wildfires in Northern Ireland

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    My knowledge of geography in Northern Ireland isn’t great, but I hope all members of the OTT team were unaffected by this.


    BBC News – Mournes wildfire: Firefighters bring blaze under control



    @danlee Reading this worried me quite a bit.  I’ve lived through a home fire in 93 and my hometown was threatened just last year with a massive prairie fire that came within  a quarter mile of our town’s northern border.


    According to Google Maps the fire you speak of appears to be south of River House by about aa two hour drive.


    I hope all are ok.



    it was in the Mourne  mountains in Donard forest. Nothing very major and it’s all over now



    Having one foot in several places – Most wildfires in Europe are of a size that would not make the national news in the US



    Had quite a few in the Peak District too, area around Saddleworth is looking grim and Lyme Park is ashes. They may not be all that big but to have them this magnitude at this time of year is scary, we’re normally still getting flurries of snow but instead it’s 20 degree heat and wildfires. Mostly people with disposable bbq’s sadly…

    Solidarity with our Northern Irish cousins!



    Be it North or South, whenever there are a few fine days of weather (dry days of at least 12 degrees Celsius or more)  in Ireland, due to all the greenery, there tends to be a lot of vegetation fires and are widespread across the island in various parts. My work is connected to it, but nothing has been as bad as the one in the North so far this year to the best of my knowledge.


    Bare in mind a lot of the Firefighters around the Island are in retained, not full time stations, and have normal jobs on top of going out fighting fires all day and night into the early hours.


    I’ll say a little prayer for everyone being affected.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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