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Will you ever be saturated?

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    I was thinking about this question for a while now. So the timing might seem a bit suspect and ironic.

    I recently told my wife, I’d probably not be buying a lot of games anymore. Naturally she laughed in my face.
    But I was quite serious. I’ve been in the hobby for over 20 years and spend a lot of money on it.
    There seems to be a cool new game or kickstarter every week. I was looking through my collection on boardgamegeek, reading some topics on some kickstarters I’m about to receive and made a quick count:
    If I am to play one of my games (Board or wargame) every week for a whole year, I’d not have played each of my games once.
    Now some of my games are fine for one-offs, but I’m a campaign gamer (RPG was my first love and doesn’t count, because I do play that about every week).
    Many board games you have to play several times to really get to grips with it and some of them take a long time. I also put quite some money in them, expansion wise. But that’s not counting my complete Imperial assault collection. I really want a good campaign at some point. Same for my other dungeon crawlers.
    I’d like to get some olf GW campaigns again at some point: old skool necromunda, gorkamorka and bloodbowl.
    I recently played some dropfleet again and really digged it. I have 2 fleets to finish and I want matching dropzone armies, one of which is halfway finished.
    I’m really, really into bushido. 5 factions and counting, luckily you don’t need many models. Oh, and as a huge marvel fan, I really dig painting Crisis protocol.
    Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, several armies for warhammer and 40k for which I want some better rules….

    I’ll not bore you with the rest for anyone that is still reading. Many games require scenery for which I’m buying tools and books. I’m not gonna stop models any time soon. But I find I can’t get as enthusiastic about new games any more. They look lovely, but I have plenty of games I still want to play and every new game would mean those would get played less.
    Not only played less, but I’d likely get new painting and hobby projects, eating into time my other projects need.

    So, while I’ll be spending plenty of money on my hobby the coming years ( Crisis protocol alone will put a good dent in my budget), it won’t be on a whole lot of new games of any type. I’ve still have my eyes set on some historicals at some point ( I really want some 10mm napoleonics), but that, maybe, should be a project for when I get a 3d printer. I’ll put some money on specialised tools.

    Is anyone else on this point in their hobby carreer? Or did you end up still buying more games despite of this?

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    Cult of Games Member

    Honestly I’m feeling much the same way. I’ve got loads of board games, many of which haven’t gotten much play despite the fact I really enjoy them. A few of which are taking up some serious real estate. So on a boardgame front if I’m going to buy a new one it’s really going to have to wow me.

    Wargames wise most of those are fantasy or historicals. But having 5 kings of war armies again takes up a lot of room.  Due to the fact I mainly play historical and fantasy my terrain collection can mostly work between both genres. Then again I have a lot of modern terrain too from when I used to play Batman regularly, but that’s still getting used in the walking dead so it isn’t going to waste. I don’t mind collecting rule sets, providing I can use miniatures I already own. For new games that catch my eye one of things I ask myself is will this need a new terrain set. I’ve been looking at Carnivale, Gangs of Rome and Fallout for a while now but the thought of trying to fit a new terrain set into my house has put me off. So I suppose the key factor for me, isn’t trying to keep up with the number of games but rather the space to store them.  The storage situation is further exasperated by the fact that my wife and I are larpers, so we’ve got to find space for a bell tent, camping equipment, armour and a growing pile of foam weaponry.



    With so many genres (RPG, wargames, miniature boardgames) boiling down to “roll dice to equal or exceed a target number”, why bother spending another $200 on a game system you know is similar to something you already have — and taking up more storage space in the process? I have a fair number of RPG’s and dungeoncrawler boardgames (didn’t bother to get into miniatures wargaming because my friends were into RPGs and boardgames), and stopped buying rulesets above $20 decades ago. (Picked up some Osprey blue books during a holiday sale.) Gloomhaven’s the only game our group regularly plays, and it’s definitely a departure from the usual dice-throwing.

    I’ve been buying miniatures because KS has not only made the more mainstream miniatures (eg. generic fantasy and zombies) cheap, but also made it easier to pick up niche miniatures (eg. Tiny Furniture’s Harvest of War corpses). It’s taking me only a few years to become saturated with dungeon terrain, but I’m still seeing novel miniatures I’d like to have (even at $100+ a pop) and would still like to create a 3D medieval village. I *really* like Loke Battlemaps as colorful background terrain I can plop my 3D stuff onto.

    I know others still like dice-based games, and I’m not stopping them from spending another $200+ on another dice-based game system. But I’ve long run out of time to game, and am looking for “revolution, not evolution” in gaming.


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    I have pretty much reached saturation for the time being.  I don’t plan on buying any new games although I will buy extra stuff for games I already have or buy stand alone rule books that can be used with miniatures I already have.  But no new armies and no new big miniatures kickstarters.  I have too much


    I’ve started streamlining my collection and deciding what to keep and what should go. I’ve also made the decision to stick to skirmish games rather than mass battle. I think the last year has made me realize that I don’t really need to be buying more and more stuff. I have plenty to be getting on with. I’ve spent more on paint and materials rather than minis and games. Looking back at how much I’ve managed to paint since March last year, over 300 minis, and I’ve not really scratched the surface of what I currently own has made me question how much I have and do I really need to keep buying more and more.


    Cult of Games Member

    Yes, that’s where we found ourselves too.
    I’ve been a bargain hunter for a while, on conventions and internet, and as such have collected plenty a game because it was a good deal, but I found myself selling off a lot of them of late.
    There’s temptation aplenty. I backed the 2e zombicide kickstarter (because of the models mainly. I want to use them for last days with them, but if I get a cool game with them: neat) and was tempted to get in the new western one as well. Not because I want a extra version of a game, but you know: I haven’t got any cowboys yet. But I really don’t need that genre.
    So I’ll spend my money on my games allready in my library and maybe some new rule-sets for mini’s that I have but are gathering dust.
    I love old warhammer and 40k fluff and miniatures, but dislike the new rules. There’s sure to be something out there to suit my need.

    I pick up books like rangers of shadowdeep. Already have plenty of models for that and a good excuse for building that dungeon I alweays wanted. I made a decent amount of walkways last year for necromunda or infinity.
    I want some modern terrain for my zombie campaign as well as Crisis Protocol. I backed both the terrain tutors book Warren was so lyrical about and the buildings from XPS-foam one.
    Between the fantasy building for larger battles, skirmishes and dungeon crawls, modern sets and sci-fi for anything from 40k battle fiels, underhives, clean factories: Scenery building alone should keep me going for years.

    I still have some troubles resisting the newest shiny, and their are some items I still might get (eyeing C’thulu Wars for a while now), but it does seem easier to suppress the urges to get everything that just looks cool.

    I do kinda miss it though. I noticed it’s less fun to keep up to date with al new developments. I can still get excited about some cool new models for a range I’m collecting, but a whole lot of new games really fall in the “better not” category.

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