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WW III-Team Yankee, Twilight 2000 Post Apocalypse

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    I was fortunate enough to win the WWIII Team Yankee starter set (thanks OTT!) and I’m preparing to assemble and paint the vehicles in the set. However, in addition to the setting of Team Yankee, I plan to use the 15mm tanks and other vehicles in the new edition of the Twilight 2000 RPG from Free League. Twilight 2000 takes place in Poland after a war in Europe gets started in 1995ish, has a limited nuclear exchange in 1997, and keeps grinding on after that. By 2000, the year the RPG is set in, anything still moving has been beaten to hell and repaired with scrounged and jury-rigged parts.

    Are there any tankers, armor mechanics, or just plain grognards on the forums that can suggest what such a barely surviving tank or APC might look like? What parts are most likely to break and be replaced often? What parts are likely to be damaged in combat and may be not be replaced in the field, if ever?

    Much thanks as I mull over my plans.



    I suggest you do a google image search for ‘rebel t55 tank’ as this will show you various T-55’s in service with rebel groups.

    Unfortunately the T-80’s and M1’s in the Team Yankee starter set are not much use as they would not be runners. The spear parts and fuel would not be available. They might exist, at best, as dug in emplacements or gate guardians.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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