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WW2 that's not you go I go.

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    Hey all,

    figured this was the best place to ask this as you are all champions of the historical.

    Are there any WW2 rulesets of a similar scale to FoW that aren’t you go, I go?

    Much prefer the alternate activations or random activations (BA).



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    ‘I Ain’t Been shot Mum’ by the Two Fat Lardies

    ‘Nuts’ company lever by Two Hour Wargames

    Bolt action at push.

    Battlegroup are for 20mm but canbe adapted.

    Gerry might know some others


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    Test of Battle and Blitzkrieg Commander are two of  my favourites and while they are I go U go there are enough in them to make them feel like there not. Hidden movement, spotting and rolling to activate etc



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    Cheers guys, plenty to look into there.


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    I second the recommendation of Battlegroup.  There is a slight feel of you-go-I-go … but that’s really up to the players (put more of your units in Reserve Movement or Ambush Fire mode and you can avoid this).

    Contrary to popular belief, its not really “written” for 20mm … that just happens to the be scale most of the “big” Battlegroup players use.  I play it in 15mm and I’d say it works even better at that scale.  All the models I bought “for” FoW (15mm) are almost universally used for Battlegroup games.



    Have you tried putting a coloured cube in a bag for each unit and doing a random activation for FoW? Might be worth a try before changing ruleset.


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    Chain of Command also by the Two Fat Lardies can be played in 15mm like FoW, although it is based at Platoon level. The reasonably recent O Group from their sister company Reisswitz Press is set at battalion level and also has a variable activation mechanism I think, although I’m less familiar with that game.



    I Ain’t Been Shot Mum uses standard playing cards to activate units.  Company level game just the same as Flames.  Just got to keep track of individual casualties on your Flames bases. Link is to a how to play YouTube vid.


    Fistful of Lead: Bigger Battles

    Bigger Battles from Wiley Wargames.  You can also buy it as a PDF.  Uses playing cards as unit activation as well but you need to buy the core rulebook of Fistful of Lead.  This rule set can be used for any period of history.  It’s actually pretty good.




    NUTS from Two Hour Wargames is my favorite. It does use an initiative system, but then as figures are moved and come into LOS, both sides get a chance to react — so even if it’s not your turn, your figures may still shoot at an enemy moving into view, etc. It’s got several releases out — a Compendium of optional rules, and scenario books for Stalingrad, Hurtgen Forest, Bastogne, D-Day (Airborne) and the allied campaign in Italy.

    Here’s my write-up on it:

    NUTS! for WW2 Skirmish Gaming | (


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    The TooFatLardies I Ain’t been shot mum also get a Chain of Command dice activation adaption in the 2019 special if you prefer dice the cards are hard to get hold of these days, although got the faffy print and put your own set together.


    Lard Magazine 2019



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    Why not just play bolt action with FoW scale mini’s?

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