Four A Miniatures Start Their Dwarven Family

January 30, 2014 by brennon

Four A Miniatures have a few Dwarves to add to their range of miniatures. Considering how popular these bearded folk are about to be these might find a place in an army or role-playing gang soon enough.

Dwarf Lord

Dwarf Female with Baby

Dwarf Lord's Champion

As you can see they have the Dwarf Lord, with his little pet, and a Dwarf Female holding the baby - maybe his queen or servant in his house? I like both of these models and they would be great as role-playing heroes (especially in the case of the Dwarf Lord) or NPC characters in a big story.

The Dwarf Champion is also out, but he isn't my cup of tea. I think he looks a bit odd but it might just be the bright red colour scheme making it a bit garish.

Something for your role-playing collection?

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