The Bear Of Bretan Battles His Way Into Freeblades

October 7, 2016 by brennon

DGS Games have added the raging Bear Of Bretan to their webstore for Freeblades. Take a look at him with twin axes in hand!

Bear of Bretan #1

"These Questing Knights are sent out to walk the trails throughout Bretan guarding all of her people and return to the northern border when Haradel is threatened.

“Walking Bears” are a welcome sight among the inns and farmsteads of the county, but a decidedly unwelcome one to those who raise their ire."

Bear of Bretan #2

There are two different versions of the Bear of Bretan you can assemble. The High Questor comes with no helmet and a flowing cloak while the Questing Knight dons his bear helmet and loses his cloak. If you're interested in the rules for him you can check them out below.

Bear of Bretan (Stats)

Freeblades has been slowly growing as a game and indeed as a range. It's nice to see them bringing things to the table with a few options too.

Do you like the big ol' bear?

"There are two different versions of the Bear of Bretan you can assemble..."

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