Cunning Leaders & Truthseekers Coming To DGS Games’ Freeblades

January 30, 2018 by brennon

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A couple of new miniatures popped up on the DGS Games Facebook Page over the last couple of days, giving you a look ahead to what's coming to their world of Freeblades.

Nemesis - Freeblades

The first of these is the Nemesis who leads your Eclipse warband on the tabletop. She is a cunning leader with plenty of martial skill too. The roughish getup is rather awesome! She will be available from February 24th.

Looking very different from the Nemesis we have the Varkraalan Truthseeker, sculpted by Patrick Keith and painted here by Patrick Chambers.

Varkraalan Truthseeker - Freeblades

This is one of the 2018 ally models that will be appearing down the line. The green skin isn't just for the sake of it either as the Symkers have an olive/green skin tone within their culture. It's neat to see that on someone who isn't just a straight up Orc.

The world of Freeblades is full of wonderfully varied characters and models and so it's always good to see what they have in the pipeline.

Have you tried out their game?

"It's neat to see that on someone who isn't just a straight up Orc..."

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