DGS Games Bring A Pilfering Thief To Gen Con 2014

August 6, 2014 by brennon

DGS Games are going to be bringing a rather special looking miniature to Gen Con 2014 that fits perfectly into their world of Freeblades and might even make the right kind of Rogue for your role-playing games. Welcome the Thief!

Freeblades Thief

This Thief, that looks like it could easily be an Elf or a Human (or Half-Elf of course) comes with a few arm options and one of them clasps a generously sized gem that she's no doubt stolen!

I think the miniature looks superb and will be available at the event coming soon. This also marks a massive step forward in the sculpting work that goes into these Freeblades miniatures. The game itself has a very loyal underground following and the miniatures are perfect for role-playing groups too!

Check them out!

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