DGS Games Let You Choose The Future Of Freeblades

May 16, 2018 by brennon

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DGS Games are leaving the decision on where they go next with Freeblades to you. They have two factions in the works with one of them being the base project for the new Kickstarter whilst the second will come as stretch goals.

Freeblades Snakes Vs Skulls - DGS Games

You can either choose between the Kandoran Deathmasters (Skulls)who are a faction of undead, desert-dwelling creatures or the Shakrim Wavestalkers (Snakes) who are a race of men and women from a far-off isle. Some of them are part man and part reptile whilst others have entirely given themselves over to their slithering Gods.

Shakrim Steel Fang Freeblades - DGS Games

The artwork for the two different factions is looking fun. Twin this with the fact that DGS Games has been doing some sterling work on the sculpting front recently and you've got a range which could be an awesome alternative for your Fantasy games and of course a new entry point into Freeblades itself.

Krayechs Reaper Freeblades - DGS Games

You can head on over to the DGS Games Facebook Page and drop in your vote for which faction should take pride of place as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

Have you played a lot of Freeblades?

"You can either choose between the Kandoran Deathmasters or the Shakrim Wavestalkers..."

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