Help DGS Games Fund Their Falkarran Adventurers

June 14, 2013 by brennon

DGS Games have been working on their Freeblades game for a while now and they are moving onto Kickstarter in order to build up new Falkarran miniatures for the tabletop...

Falkaaran Pikeman

Falkaaran Knight Defender


Above are three of the models that have been sculpted so far. Each of them has character of their own and specialises in some way on the field of battle. I think my favourite of the three above has to be the Knight Defender simply because the old Sword N' Board combination is hard to deny.

The Freeblade line as a whole has some fun miniatures in it with plenty of original ideas. If you're not a fan of the game itself however you could always find a miniature that would be awesome for your role-playing needs.

That's another reason why I like the Knight Defender. He would be a perfect Fighter or Paladin for a game like D&D.

Have you played Freeblades?

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