DGS Games Go Hunting In Freeblades With The Bladerider

January 22, 2018 by brennon

DGS Games are going hunting for bandits and keeping the forests safe with the new Bladerider model for the world of Freeblades.

Trilian Bladerider - Freeblades

This lady works for the Trillian in the world of Freeblades and she comes with two options, one of which brings her bow to bear. The second gives her a blade instead.

Trilian Bladerider (Alt) - Freeblades

If you're interested in her tactics on the tabletop we've included her statistics below...

Bladerider Stats

The world of Freeblades has been expanding over the last year or so to include some great looking miniatures and building on the factions to present you with lots of choices when it comes to building a warband.

Have you given Freeblades a go?

"This lady works for the Trillian in the world of Freeblades..."

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