DGS Games Release the Cold Fury of the Kryomancer

December 26, 2014 by dracs

The Kuzaarik of DGS Games have a new addition to their Freebands as the Kryomancers get released to offer their services.


The Kryomancer, as their name might suggest, wields the power of the cold and at one time were at the heart of Kuzaarik Industry with their Cold Forges.

DGS Games' miniature is a particularly nice sculpt of a dwarven spellcaster, captured in the classic kamehameha pose. However, I will say that it lacks a sense of immediacy to it, although I think this might be more due to his rather unconcerned facial expression, something that can be easily solved at the painting stage.

Would you hire the power of this Kryomancer for your adventuring parties?

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