DGS Games Returns To Kickstarter For The Eclipse Sisterhood!

February 16, 2017 by stvitusdancern

DGS Games the creators of the Freeblades Miniatures Game and RPG have returned to Kickstarter to seek help in funding their next faction for the game. The Eclipse Sisterhood is a rebellious group of women from the Traazorite Empire who have had enough of being bossed around. This group of women are calling themselves the Eclipse Sisterhood because they are looking to overshadow the Empire of the Sun.

In this campaign, there are plans to bring forth Bladesmistress code name Nemesis, a sorceress named Suneater who has a special hatred for the Empire as they hunt down women with special powers.

There is also the rogue named Secret Sisters, as well as the fighters known as Shadow Dancers. Also joining the group is the whip welding Rebel Maiden and streetwise Throatseeker, that looks to take advantage of anyone unsuspecting victim they can.

There are also a few stretch goals: bow and arrow wielding Manslayers and Manhunters. They will also try to fund a barbarian warrior called Untamed. Lastly, there is the lizard riding Izchaki Chaser.

All are quite interesting and for anyone looking to have their Freeband stand out, this might just be for you. At the time of this article, there are 28 days left and are more than half funded.

Have you played Freeblades?

"...a rebellious group of women from the Traazorite Empire who have had enough of being bossed around"

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