The Amazonian Queen Xicoa Comes To Freebooter’s Fate

May 8, 2014 by brennon

If you've been watching the recent re-invention of From Dusk Till Dawn then you might have seen the rather bloody latest episode with Miss Santanico Pandemonium going a bit crazy. I hope Freebooter's Amazonian Queen Xicoa doesn't do the same!

Xicoa (Front)

Xicoa (Rear)

She does very much look the part with masses of eccentricity on show. She looks like she will paint up exceptionally well and once you get all those brilliant colours on her a few inks and washes might bring her to life.

Of course I doubt she's as vampire-like as Santanico Pandemonium but certainly just as cool!

Will you pick up this Amazonian Queen?

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