The Amazons Join Freebooter’s Fate

May 10, 2011 by dracs

I was looking out  into the sea of wargaming news when I espied somethin' through me telescope.

Freebooter Miniatures have put up the images of the greens for their new Amazon range in Freebooter's Fate. Check out these lovely ladies.

Of course they become a little less lovely and a lot more scary when you see they're holding knives.

I've always really liked the models in the Freebooter's Fate range and these don't look as if they're going to disappoint.

These miniatures are set to be available as a pre-release at RPC in Cologne. If any of you happen to be there and happen to get your hands on these little jungle beauties let us know what you think of them. As for the rest of us poor landlubbers we shall just have to wait. Do you think it'll be worth it?

BoW Sam

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