A Dwarf in Freebooter Form?

February 7, 2012 by brennon

We have seen some great images of the new releases for Freebooter over the past week or so. Not long ago we grabbed pictures of the awesome Amazonian Macati. However the other model now on sale is Ahondaro who you can see below...


I can't help thinking from his description by Freebooters would be better used on one of the beardy folk...

"Whether he’s throwing up walls as cover for the Arquebusiers or blowing up that house the Brotherhood had planned to do a spot of lurking in, this stout little digger is a welcome addition to any Imperial crew. If only he didn’t consume small herds of beef and quaff rum like somebody was taking it away from him – which, by the way, would be a phenomenally bad idea."

Liking this other new release from Freebooter?

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