El Charro and Pujamen Bound into Freebooters Fate!

October 3, 2012 by brennon

El Charro and Pujamen are ready to scamper and bound into the world of Freebooters Fate from next week! Check out this dastardly pair of miscreant goblins below!

El Charro


As mentioned above this pair will be available for goblin crews from next week and the blister comes with three miniatures. Above are the two separate miniatures but the two can combine for an altogether more dangerous experience!

El Charro and Pujamen

This pair is looking pretty good, but I would love to see this in its finished state and with a lick of paint. I imagine a fair few Goblin pirate crews will be hiring them for the next plundering adventure!

What do you make of this dastardly duo?

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