The Freebooter Brotherhood Welcomes the Sultry Adombra

September 4, 2012 by brennon

Freebooter Miniatures have a new preview piece for you to drool over. This time it's the seductive and graceful Adombra wielding her crossbow with deadly efficiency...

Adombra (Front)

Adombra (Rear)

The cape looks a little odd from the front but overall it's a nice dynamic model. According to Freebooter she does all the silent killing a simple knife just can't deal with. I reckon you could get a pretty nice synergy between the models from Freebooter, those of Tercio Creativo 1650 AND Carnevale.


Freebooter have also chased a whole bunch of rats off the ships but they are still infesting the docks and are slowly but surely taking over. This is a great little selection of miniatures for adding that extra touch of character and narrative to a standard model.

Are you looking forwards to their release in September and October?

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