Freebooter Minis Show Off What’s Coming At SPIEL!

September 19, 2014 by brennon

Freebooter Miniatures have shown off what's coming to their crew roster as SPIEL rolls around in October this year. See what you think of these creepy additions to their piratical world. And all for Talk like a Pirate day!


First up we have the very strange Cosphelia who continues their voodoo theme that they've been running with of late. She looks like she knows the future and will be helping the Cult as they head off on another adventure.


Balagonecos #1

Balagonecos #2

Following on from her we have even more for the creepy voodoo side of things. Calvario will be running around sticking pins in everything I imagine alongside her little dolls too. Can anyone say Oogie Boogie when it comes to that first puppet?

Some great pieces once again from Freebooter and it's getting harder to ignore their cool range of pirates and other miscreants!

What do you think?

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