Freebooter Provide Us With A Christmas Captain Preview

December 17, 2013 by brennon

You might be thinking that you'd be getting a merry old St Nicholas in a captains hat but no, this guy is even better. Check out Asqueroso, Pirate Lord of Longfall from Freebooter!

Asqueroso - Pirate Lord of Longfall (Front)

Asqueroso - Pirate Lord of Longfall (Side)

Asqueroso - Pirate Lord of Longfall (Rear)

Now you can't go very far wrong with a Pirate Captain who is twiddling his mustache as he walks into a battle to swashbuckle you to death. That is one insanely cool model with plenty of funky character.

"Asqueroso is an influential pirate captain who thinks that he holds power over Longfall firmly in his clutches. But the truth is that he is a puppet of the Cult. As if that wasn’t enough, other pirate captains have gathered forces against him, so that his self-conferred position of Longfall’s Pirate Lord is looking shakier by the minute. But Asqueroso has never been known to let go of anything without a good fight."

He is very awesome and I think these guys continue to improve. I need to give this game a go!

Will you pick him for your crew?

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