Freebooter Unleash Assassins & Cultists On Your Crew!

April 3, 2014 by brennon

Freebooter Miniatures have decided that your crew needs to be filled with cloak and dagger types with the release of Yogo Yogo, The Spada, and Cultists that might just screw up your nicely mopped poop deck...

Yogo Yogo

First up we have Yogo Yogo who is very clearly inspired by a certain interesting green alien from a galaxy far, far away. He is the mystic of the goblin crews and will certainly be bringing down that club of his with some 'force'.


Spada (Female)

If you prefer the deft touch of the assassin then look no further than the slinking forms of the Spada. These folk become part of your Brotherhood crew and will be making sure that lookout in the opponents crows nest won't be shouting for help. I am a big fan of the female variant which comes with this set.


If you want to stir up some trouble down in the galleys then look no further than the Cultists who are going to be storming around as the main mob for the Cult (surprise, surprise). It's always nice to have some 'normal' looking folk for use across other games and for use in role-playing too.

Who will you be adding to your crew?

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