Freebooter’s Fate Summons Up Mystic Spirits

June 20, 2013 by dracs

Freebooter's Fate has received a new expansion bringing all new threats for your pirate crews to face, including the mystical powers of a whole new faction. Dare you summon up some Mystic Spirits?

Freebooter's Fate Mystic Spirits

The new faction in question is simply called The Cult, a voodoo style faction led by an ageless female mystic who have risen up and gained control of Longfall. This cult seems to reflect the main flavour of the Mystic Spirits expansion as they focus entirely around mysticism and the summoning of ancient spirits called Loas.

Freebooter's Fate Loas

Freebooter's Fate Mystic Spirits Contents

To help you in summoning these mystical spirits Freebooter's Fate have also released a deck of Loa and Invocation cards.

Loa and Invocation Deck

Loa and Invocation Cards

Here's a list Freebooters have published to give you an idea of the sorts of things you will find in Mystic Spirits:

- rules for using mystic spirits, called Loas, in games of Freebooter’s Fate

- rules and characters of the Cult, our new faction, where everything is all about mysticism and Loas

- new characters for all crews, including two mercenary-mystics, to allow every crew the use of Loas.

- many new scenarios and a mini campaign that is dealing with the reappearance of the Cult

- a load of narratives and stories, that bring a little light into the mysterious dealings of the Cult and their leaders, and tell you, what each crew is doing at the moment.

Unfortunately the book is not yet out in English, which is good news for all you German speakers, less good for the rest of us. It is a shame as the concept of including voodoo style mysticism in the game is really interesting and fits well with the general style of Freebooter's Fate. Hopefully the English version will appear soon.

But wait, there is still one more piece of exciting piratey news! A Freebooter's Fate App is set to board your iPhones this coming October.

Freebooter's Fate App

From what I gather this will be a companion to help you in your favourite piratical table top game, but there might also be some bonuses for those of you who helped fund their IndieGoGo project.

Are you going to be summoning up ancient Loas on your iPod?

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