Freebooter’s Hire An Amazonian Warrior & Undead Deckhands

July 9, 2013 by brennon

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Freebooter's Fate is playing host to more new models for their game with both Nenetzin and the Sansâmes making themselves known. Check out these releases for July...


First up we have an Amazonian warrior woman who is very much the personification of the word. She has the stature of a proper warrior and with those rather brutal looking weapons in hand she could club any unfortunate adventure to death and back again.


The Sansâmes are those poor fellows whose souls have been forbidden from returning to their bodies and so can be mustered from the grave to serve their master. You might have guns and swords at the ready but the tide of the undead is unrelenting!

Will you be adding them to your crew?

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