Two Freebooters Get Their IndieGoGo Make Overs

March 26, 2013 by dracs

Freebooter's Fate is continuing to receive new sculpts made possible by the stretch goal of their IndieGoGo campaign. Now we are greeted by two special sculpts, the seductive Raven and the mercenary Captain Virgo.


Raven is a mysterious member of the shadowy Brotherhood. Living among the rich elite by day as a naive noblewoman, this mask slips away at night as she takes on the mantle of the deadly Raven.

Captain Virgo

It's hard to know what to say about Captain Virgo. A mercenary who's loyalties are secret, the captain is a dashing figure with enough weapons for a small army.

Both of these are IndieGoGo versions of existing heroes. Unfortunately, Raven is only available for those of you who supported the fund raiser, but the good captain will be available to buy soon.

Are any o' ye landlubbers gunna buy yourselves these ship mates?

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