Freebooter’s IndieGoGo Stretch Goal Models Come To Life

March 21, 2013 by brennon

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Freebooter Miniatures have another pair of superb looking miniatures on the way, bought to life via their IndieGoGo Campaign and it's stretch goals. Check out Ixchelcoatl and Calamite below...



These sets have certainly looked at the weird and wonderful edge of Freebooter's Fate! The first miniature, Ixchelcoatl, has a feathery set of wings, a snake wound around her arm and a death mask of sorts on her face giving her an eerie feeling.

Calamite also has an eerie aura to her but she also has a brilliant undead monkey and a voodoo doll named Tufo! All she needs now is a skull named Murray and she'll be a complete Monkey Island experience!

Which of these two would you pick up?

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