Freebooter’s Piratical Barco Fights Under Shady Palms

December 7, 2012 by brennon

A whole host of new Freebooter's Fate content has hit their webstore with Barco Malcaduco completing the pirate crew, a Freebooter Figures Case to transport your miniatures safely and some Palm Trees which can give you some much needed Caribbean shade...

Barco Malcaduco

"Barco rose from his seat in a single smooth movement, swiped his hat off his head and let them have a look at his ruined face. While he was only a shadow of his former self, he was still a head taller than any of them. His former ebullient strength had been replaced by a wiry grace. Each movement was powerful and belied his wretched looks. A brief twist of shoulder and hip sent his cloak billowing, revealing his right-hand side. An enormous hand cannon was mounted on the stump of his left arm."

A pretty awesome looking pirate figure with a hand cannon for an arm and an attitude that would chill a mans bones. While I like some fantastical pirates I do enjoy some proper human sailors and this guy is a genuine nugget of awesome.

Freebooter Figure Case

Palm Tree

The other bits and pieces this month are the Figure Case with a nice map design on its cover, showing off your allegiance to Freebooter's Fate and the Palm Tree which can be bought in bulk to make a proper island paradise. Then, once you've done some landscaping you can start shooting each other!

How many of you play Freebooter's Fate?

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