Two Lovely Lasses Be Joinin’ Freebooter’s Fate, Arr

October 11, 2013 by dracs

Arr, it be that time when I can break out me pirate typin' accent again, as Freebooter's Fate will soon be gettin' two new lasses to join yer crews.

A specialist has joined those landlubber's the Amazon's, a dangerous lass named Beameh.


Beahmeh Back

You'll be needin' to keep an eye on this 'un. With her net and poisoned stun spear Beameh will shiver your timbers in no short order.

Now we be approachin' the time of All Hallows' Eve and even in Freebooter's Fate the creepy and the cruel are emergin'. At their head comes the mercenary voodoo woman, Estrella Nocturna.

Estrella Nocturna

Estrella Nocturna Back

Don't be lettin' her slight appearance fool yer, Estrella commands the Loas of malevolence like a captain commands his ship. She'll fight for any cove who has the coin, except the Imperials. She don't get on with them dogs.

Say it with me, Arrrharhar!

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