Mono… New Pirate for Freebooter’s Fate

April 23, 2011 by beerogre

Here's a new pirate for Freebooter's Fate... Mono... here's what the guys at Freebooter have to say about him.

A free spirit. Unchained, unfettered. Always on the lookout for an adventure. Thus at odds with landlubber society and its petty rules, he signed on with the pirates.

Mono is not just the fastest climber, you also underestimate his right upper cut at your peril! Not to mention his left hook. Har har! He was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.

Freebooter have also released a set of little gribbly bits with which to decorate your miniature bases in a more nautical fashion...

Arrrgh me hearties!

BoW Andy

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