The Pirate Queen Rules Over Freebooter’s Fate

November 6, 2013 by dracs

Pirate leaders seem to be getting a lot more attractive these days, something ably embodied by Freebooter's Fate's new pirate queen Blanche Pascal.

Pirate Queen

Pirate Queen Back

This lovely monarch of the high seas is Freebooter's latest limited edition miniature, with only 1000 copies available. Capable of issuing an order without taking an action, the Pirate Queen is a valuable addition to bring to your crew.

Also getting released, though rather less lovely in appearance, are the shambling Sansâmes.


Female Sansâmes

Male Sansâmes

The souless, shuffling corpses are particularly cool as undead pirates go. Their stitched together features just make them all the more creepy and fit in well with the games' voodoo practitioners.

Will you rule Freebooter's Fate, or will you bind the Sansâmes to your command?

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