New Frostgrave Novel Second Chances Takes Us To The Frozen City

November 3, 2017 by dracs

North Star and Osprey have announced that a new Frostgrave novel titled Second Chances will be appearing later this month.

Second Chances

This novel, written by Matthew Ward, explores the frozen city of Frostgrave as two sisters go in search of their fortune and salvation.

"Time is running out for Yelen and Mirika Semova. Though the sisters have earned an enviable reputation amongst their fellow explorers of the Frozen City, their lives are haunted by a curse - the more Yelen uses her magic, the closer the demon Azzanar comes to claiming her, body and soul. But Azzanar is not the only one manipulating Yelen and Mirika...

When catastrophe separates the Semova sisters, it falls to Yelen to save them both. But in a city shrouded in deceit, who can she turn to for help... and what price will she pay to get it?"

From the looks of it, this novel promises to be a strong, character driven look at Frostgrave's world. The connection between the two sisters is one that provides for plenty of compelling character motivation, while the mention of the two being manipulated sets it up for an intriguing plot.

Do you think you will give this one a read?

"In a city shrouded in deceit, who can [Yelen] turn to for help... and what price will she pay to get it?"

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