New Frostgrave Game To Explore The Ghost Archipelago

January 1, 2017 by dracs

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Frostgrave writer Joseph A. McCullough has some exciting news for 2017 as he announces the creation of a whole new game in the Frostgrave world. Will you dare explore the Ghost Archipelago?

Wind Warden

As the image suggests, this game is going to be far more of a swashbuckling adventure than Frostgrave, drawing inspiration from such writers as Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert E. Howard, with spellcasters taking a more supportive role.

Players will get to command crews led by the legendary "Heritors" as they explore the Ghost Archipelago, a series of shifting islands in the Southern Oceans covered in dense mountains, jungles and the ruins of a lost civilization, all in search of the mystical Crystal Pool.

Over two hundred years ago, the last time the Ghost Archipelago appeared, a group of adventurers discovered a pool of crystal clear water somewhere in the labyrinthine depths of the Lost Isles. Everyone who drank from that pool was filled with a mystical energy, a power they could call upon to perform superhuman feats. After these adventurers returned, they all became legends in their own time. Some became great heroes, others notorious villains. Ironically, despite their incredible strength, speed, toughness, and other superhuman abilities, nearly all of them eventually died violent deaths.

Before their deaths, however, most of the adventurers who drank from the Crystal Pool sired offspring. Their children inherited many of their parent’s abilities, as did their children’s children, and so on. These descendents became known as ‘Heritors’ for they had inherited some of the power of the Crystal Pool. Yet, with each passing generation, the abilities of the Heritors became slightly less, and every time they used their mystical abilities they suffered from a pain known as ‘Blood Burn’.

Today, most Heritors are nine or ten generations removed from their ancestor that drank from the Crystal Pool. While the abilities that they inherited still set them apart from the general population, those abilities have grown unreliable, and the pain that accompanies their usage quickly grows unbearable. Thus most Heritors use them sparingly and only in short bursts when they are required.

No one knows how many Heritors there are in the world, but the number is probably in the high hundreds if not the low thousands. A few are well known warriors, but most choose to keep their abilities hidden. Regardless of where they are, or how they choose to use their abilities, all of them felt a great tug when the Ghost Archipelago returned. The Crystal Pool calls to them, tempting them to come and drink from its waters and gain the powers that once belonged to their ancestors. Many have so far been able to resist this call, but many more are already making their way to the Southern Ocean.
-  Joseph A. McCullough, The Renaissance Troll Blog


Excitingly, Joseph McCullough has also announced that the people who worked on the original game, such as artist Dmitry Burmak and painter and photographer Kev Dallimore, are returning to work on this new game in the setting.


North Star will also be returning to produce the figures, meaning we will be treated to a whole new selection of models which call the Ghost Archipelago home.

What do you want to see happening with this new game?

"This game is going to be far more a swashbuckling adventure..."

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