Frostgrave’s Kornovik Mounts Up On His Woolly Rhino

March 15, 2017 by brennon

If you've been enjoying the look of the Barbarians in Osprey's Frostgrave then you'll be happy to hear that one of the characters from the cover art, Kornovik, is getting his own miniature. Here's the first look at him from the Renaissance Troll, Joseph McCullough's, own collection.

Kornovik, Barbarian Outcast #1

This Barbarian Outcast has a bit of a story behind him...

"Back before I had written the first word of Forgotten Pacts, I had to turn in an 'artwork brief' for the cover. I knew I wanted barbarians looking down on part of the city, but then, for reasons I can't remember, I decided to have one of them riding a giant woolly rhinoceros. In retrospect, why would I not want a woolly rhinoceros...

Forgotten Pacts Artwork

...I decided I would work the guy on the cover into the book as a special character, and thus, Kornovik, the Barbarian Outcast was born. And there, I thought the matter would rest."

The sculptor behind the Barbarian plastic miniatures then set to work designing the model in CAD and now you see the products of their labours.

Kornovik, Barbarian Outcast #2

This model should be coming your way in the near future but for now Joseph has one to himself, ready to paint up for his collection. This warrior does look great and maybe could be another friend for Justin's Woolly Mammoth?

What do you think of Kornovik?

"In retrospect, why would I not want a woolly rhinoceros..."

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