North Star Launch Their Nickstarter Pre-Order For The Snakemen Of Frostgrave

March 3, 2018 by dracs

North Star Military Figures have opened their Nickstarter Pre-order Programme to allow players to start getting their coils around the upcoming Snakemen for Frostgrave: The Ghost Archipelago.


The Snakemen inhabit the lost ruins of the Ghost Archipelago, although little is known of their society.

The Nickstarter brings with it a number of Snakemen specialist variants to choose from.




The one that has my particular interest is the new Hemata.


That is such a cool looking monster and one that fits in well with the Ghost Archipelago setting.

The Nickstarter is set to end on March 22nd, giving you plenty of opportunities to check out the reptilian models that North Star are bringing out.

What are your thoughts on these slithering denizens of the archipelago?

"The Snakemen inhabit the lost ruins of the Ghost Archipelago."

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