North Star Preview More Soldier Captains For Frostgrave In May

April 24, 2016 by brennon

Coming next month for Frostgrave by Osprey Games we have some additional models from North Star to help build up the martial wing of your warband. Here we have some additional Soldier Captains...

Frostgrave Soldiers

These are going to be available in May and feature a range of different weapons for your warband to play around with. As you can see above we have a Captain armed with a sword, crossbow and halberd.

Some of these Captains actually look rather androgynous so you could get away with them being women which is rather cool.

Additionally they also previewed one of the Warhounds from the Into The Breeding Pits expansion which is coming soon.

Frostgrave Soldiers & Hound

You'll be able to wrangle one of these beasts hopefully and use him in your warband as a faithful defender of your Wizard. You can also see some more exotic looking Soldier Captains too; one of them wearing a rather dangerous looking mask.

What do you think of these soldiers?

"...we have a Captain armed with a sword, crossbow and halberd"

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