Northstar Begin Taking Forgotten Pacts Frostgrave Pre-Orders

October 4, 2016 by brennon

Northstar has joined forces with Osprey Games once again to bring you another Pre-Order 'Nickstarter' to bring Forgotten Pacts to life, the next expansion for Frostgrave.

Forgotten Pacts

The focus is on making the new book a reality alongside a plastic box filled with options for making your own Barbarians. Big beards, fur, axes, tattooed skin, how could you not like this release?

Frostgrave Barbarians (Plastic)

"Marking themselves with demonic sigils, many of these barbarians have aligned with ancient powers discovered amongst the temples. Along with a host of new scenarios focusing on the exploration of the temples, the book also contains new treasures, spells, soldiers, and creatures that can be found amongst the ruins."

Sounds very interesting indeed! As well as the plastic warriors you see above Northstar have also added in a selection of metal heroes and notable warband members to shake things up.


At the level where he becomes available, you're basically picking up a Barbarian army for you to use on the tabletop in big battles as well as Frostgrave. His 'come and face me' stance here makes him look like a threatening fellow indeed!

Many of the other 'character models' from the Frostgrave book have also been translated over into new Barbarian guises including this Pack Mule hauling away treasure.

Pack Mule

One of the favourites from the selection is the Crow Master you see here. While these models are from the world of Frostgrave it wouldn't be hard to put together some Wildlings from Game Of Thrones with these models.


Mix them with the Soldiers from the original Frostgrave release as members of the Night's Watch and you've got a good selection of characters for battles beyond The Wall.

Are you going to be picking up bundles of Barbarians?

"Big beards, fur, axes, tattooed skin, how could you not like this release?"

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