Stunning New Wizards On The Way For Frostgrave’s Maze Of Malcor

May 14, 2018 by brennon

North Star has previewed the renders for some of the new Wizard models that are going to be made available for The Maze Of Malcor expansion, a new Frostgrave book landing in June.

The Maze of Malcor Wizard #1 - Frostgrave

All of these different models are based on the new artwork by Dmitry Burmak that adorns the wonderful books that we see from Osprey Games. Each of the pieces has been sculpted by Giorgio Bassani who has done sterling work bringing these models to life.

The Maze of Malcor Wizard #2 - Frostgrave

All of them have new themes based on the additional Wizard types available in the game. I love the Wizard above playing that pipe. I see a real Bardic feel to the design there, especially with all of the assorted items being carried around at her side.

The Maze of Malcor Wizard #3 - Frostgrave

If you're interested in knowing more about The Maze Of Malcor you can check out the page over on the Osprey website...

"Part magical university, part museum, part tourist attraction, the great Collegium of Artistry had flourished in Felstad's final days. Under the leadership of the seemingly immortal Malcor the Mad, the vast complex expanded, with new wings being built wherever they would fit, including up and down the rock face, and even buried within the mountain itself."

The Maze of Malcor Wizard #4 - Frostgrave

"Visitors called it one of the architectural wonders of the world; the students, who often got lost in its endless tunnels, simply called it ‘The Maze'."

Some amazing looking models filled with character. I can't wait to see what the painters will do when they get their hands on these!

Are you still delving deeper into Frostgrave?

"Each of the pieces has been sculpted by Giorgio Bassani..."

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